Is Congratulations a grower?

It was only two days ago, on this post, when we discussed about MGMT's new album "Congratulations". Our point was that, even though initially the album didn't live us the best possible impressions, it seems to be an album that needs some extra time in order to speak to our minds and hearts.

Bruce VanWyngarden, father of frontman Andrew, totally agrees with that. The very next day of our post Bruce VanWyngarden wrote on his Memphis Flyer blog:
"'Congratulations', MGMTs second album, is dense, lush, textured, difficult in places, absolutely euphoria-inducing in others. It is, as they say in the music business, a 'grower' — that is, repeated listens reveal more depth and complexity. The lyrics blossom and begin to live in your head. The songs become earworms. It was the second-best selling album in the US last week. So yeah, I'm proud of my son."

So, we both agree the album is a "grower", though I must admit that we probably both love the band a little too much :)

Give us a feedback on this one. Seems to be interesting.

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