April, MGMT and reviewers

April is almost over and, I suppose, it's time to talk about the albums released during it. Of course we are already preparing April's podcast where we will discuss and listen to some songs from the month's releases, though let's make a brief sum of this month's production.

The albums that surprised us this month are two: "Tommy" from Dosh and "Crystal Castles" from Crystal Castles [released only digitally. Official release later during 2010]. Two totally different albums, coming from totally different music genres, though with one thing in common: the psychedelia. Both bands brought us exactly what we've been expecting for. Same old GOOD Dosh and same old NICE Crystal Castles gave to their fans a strong dose of exactly the sound in which they are addicted to.

An album that really disappointed me (of course is always a matter of taste) is my favorite's MGMT "Congratulations". After the breath taking first album "Time to pretend" (one of the best and most important albums of the last decade that initiated and installed the sound and style that many other bands like "Empire of the Sun", "Passion Pit" and others followed later on) MGMT returned with their second album "Congratulations". In our opinion "Congratulations" do not really deserve congratulations, as the album lacks of the top-level inspiration and atmosphere found on the band's first one.

Here, I would like to mention something relevant. Sometimes, people, like me, professionals or not, people that review albums, or just state in public their opinion about LPs, in their hurry to review first or immediately all the latest releases, do not give the required time and space to some "strange" LPs that need more than the average time to speak to their minds and hearts. I have the feeling that MGMT's "Congratulations" might belong to this kind of albums. So, even though initially my impressions about the album are not the best I will insist listening to it during the following month, just in case. When it comes to MGMT you never know...I'll let you know.

The rest of the releases, along with comments and some blah blah will be presented on our upcoming podcast. Stay tunned.

P.S.: A great THANKS to the USA visitors that, according to my google analytics account are the most fanatic tradsmusic readers. Thanks folks!

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