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Hi all!

First of all, there's an important announcement to make about the blog. As you may have already noticed the April's podcast never came out. To be honest this happened because even though the track list is there waiting, there was no time at all for me to prepare, record and upload it. You see, my Operating System is Linux and, unfortunatelly, the audio tools for Linux are not on the level of the equivalent software that is available for Mac and Windows. So, on Linux, tasks like recording a podcast, believe me, are time consuming, difficult and some times irritating.

As we didn't manage to upload a podcast this month and because I work as freelancer and my free time is not standard, I can't be sure that I'll be able to be consistent on this monthly date of ours. Instead I decided to ask from my dear friends on postradio web radio ( to provide some time of their weekly schedule and start a new show presenting all the music and all the songs that we love, here on tradsmusic. So it happened and we move from podcast to broadcast and tradsmusic has its own radio show on postradio twice a week.

On this show you will listen only to music. No blah blah, no commercials, no nothing but music. All of the songs presented on this show are taken from the latest indie releases of all subgenres. And by "latest releases" I mean releases that begin from the second half of 2009 and end to the very same day that you will listen to the show. Of course, the playlist will be updated and as we move on on 2010 the oldest songs will be discarded and new songs will take their place, keeping the music 100% up to date.

The tradsmusic picks is scheduled for
Every Tuesday and Thursday on:
- UTC time: 15:00
- For Greece: 18:00
- For Brussels, Milan and Berlin: 17:00
- For London: 16:00
- For New York: 11:00
- For Los Angeles: 8:00
- For Melburne: 1:00 (the next day...)

Bye for now. I hope you'll enjoy the show.

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