Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record

First of all I would like to apologize about the delay of May's podcast. The last two weeks were too busy for me and I hope I will have it ready during the couple of days.

Artist: Broken Social Scene
LP: Forgiveness Rock Record
Year: 2010
Genre: Indie rock
Artists' origin:
Label: Arts and Crafts

1.     "World Sick"       6:48
2.     "Chase Scene"       3:32
3.     "Texico Bitches"       3:50
4.     "Forced to Love"       3:35
5.     "All to All"       4:50
6.     "Art House Director"       3:32
7.     "Highway Slipper Jam"       4:27
8.     "Ungrateful Little Father"       6:42
9.     "Meet Me in the Basement"       3:44
10.     "Sentimental X's"       5:41
11.     "Sweetest Kill"       5:10
12.     "Romance to the Grave"       4:48
13.     "Water in Hell"       4:25
14.     "Me and My Hand"  2:05

Now, let's talk about something really nice... Let's talk about Broken Social Scene and their new (fourth in the row) album "Forgiveness Rock Record".

The band from Canada returned after 5 years of absence and released, maybe, the best indie rock album of the year, since now, and one of the best during the last two years!

The album is full of easy, smooth and relaxing rock compilations that will, definatelly, offer us many nice, relaxing moments during the upcoming summer. One of the key characteristics of the "Forgiveness Rock Record" is the very rich instrumentation (including piano and trumphets) that, along with the, smoothly distorted, guitars and the excelent percussions idealy dress the calming vocals.

Of course, not all of the 14 (!) songs are on the same top-level. Some of the songs of the album are a bit flat (someone could say boring) though the production quality remains high even on them.

The albums "diagram" goes like this:
The first 6 songs have intense rock characteristics referring straight to the BSS past works. Number 7 and 8 ("Highway slipper jam" and "Ungrateful little father") include some experimentation with folk and Beck-like guitars and smoothly distorted percussions. Number 9 ("Meet me in the basement") reminds us that we are still listening to the BSS's new album. The rest of the album is the "down tempo" part of it.

In conclusion, "Forgiveness Rock Record" is a solid, nice produced, high quality studio album from the Broken Social Scene that has to teach something to some of the indie rookies. Release a new album when you have something new to say. Do not rush just because some label's managers consider you a "cash cow" rather than an artist.

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