Crystal Castles and Scissor Sisters new album details

Crystal Castles and Scissor Sisters anounced details about their upcoming new albums.

Crystal Castles announced that their second album will be self-titled and released

on June 7.

The tracklisting of 'Crystal Castles' will be:
'Fainting Spells'
'Doe Deer'
'Year Of Silence'
'Violent Dreams'
'Pap Smear'
'Not In love'
'I Am Made Of Chalk'

Meanwhile, the band are set to release 500 copies of new album song 'Doe Deer' on 12-inch vinyl on Saturday (April 17) for Record Store Day.

Scissor Sisters, also, announced the details for their new album. The album will be titled "Night Work" and it will be release on June 20. 

New track 'Invisible Light' is available from the band's website now.

The tracklisting for 'Night Work' is:

'Night Work'
'Whole New Way'
'Fire With Fire'
'Any Which Way'
'Harder You Get'
'Running Out'
'Something Like This'
'Skin This Cat'
'Skin Tight'
'Sex and Violence'
'Night Life'
'Invisible Light'

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