March is coming to its end

As March is coming to its end, tradsmusic is already preparing its next podcast. Despite our first post, our podcasts will be available monthly, and not on every two months, as we initially announced.

So, stay tunned as March was a really great month with many nice LP releases. Big names as Gorillaz, Groove Armada, Goldfrapp, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and, of course, Johnny Cash have released new albums during the last 4 weeks, selected songs from which we are presenting in our upcoming podcast. And that's not all. 8 more songs, from 8 selected releases (some of which were, believe me, outstanding), coming from many and different genres are going to be on the March podcast's menu.

Even though English is not tradsmusic official language, from now on, some of our posts are going to be in English. We, also, going to try switching our podcasts' language to English too.

Have fun and hear ONLY good music.

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