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2009 has come to its end. Only a week separates us from 2010.
So, what does 2009 leaves us behind? Was it a good, an average or a bad year, speaking about the music production, on our (indie) sector?

Even though 2009 had some big releases from bands like Placebo and Kasabian, in my opinion it was an average year, without big bangs and new, emerging, shocking or extraordinary bands and releases. Compared to 2008 I could easily say that it was a bit poorer.

The good ones
So, as in every music blog, paper and magazine, let's pick up the best releases of 2009, counting from number 5 blog's favorite, up, to number 1.

No 5:
Kasabian: West rider pauper lunatic asylum
No doubt, Kasabian is one of the most important, if not THE most important, indie rock band of the world. After 3 years of silence, on June 2009, the band comes up with its third studio album "West rider pauper lunatic asylum". There are not much to say about this album. Kasabian are, indeed, "on Fire". Even though my Kasabian's favorite still remains the band's first album "Kasabian" / 2004, "West rider pauper lunatic asylum" is really a great job.

No 4:
Doves: Kingdom of rust
Doves is not a new band. After 2000 and their first album "Lost souls", the Doves have never lost their shine and star, they have released two more albums and have a wide fun club, all over the world. 2009 can be considered as their year. "Kingdom of rust" is defenately a well composed, nice produced and mastered album, full of excelent songs with beautiful music and lirics.
The critics for the album were dithyrambic. Many alalysis and comments can be found on every important music magazine all over the globe. What we can say is that if you liked 2008's Coldplay's "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends" then this is definately a must for you and, in any occasion, is an album that you will listen over and over again.
The songs "Kingdom of rust" and "10:03" belong on the best 17 of the year and are included on our "Best of 2009" compilation.

No 3:
The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band: The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band
Oh yeah! This is, really something! Here we have to do with a sophisticated, psychedelic funk compilation. The band is formed by members of TV on the Radio, Calla and Amy Winehouse's backing band and the album has been produced by New York DJs. This "strange" mosaic of musicians composes a band that can play almost everything, from soul to funk and from club to rock music. This album has it all.

No 2:
Gossip: Music for men
Gossip has always been a very talented band with a very special sound. "Music for the men" tends to be my favourite Gossip's album. Groovy, funky and up-lifting, this album is an album that we enjoyed hearing and dancing all over since summer of 2009, time of its release.
Besides the excelent musicians and their talented singer, Gossip had the luck to count Rick Rubin on their team for this album. The production has given Gossip a totally new identity and feeling that we really liked. So, well done Gossip!

No 1:
The Features: Some kind of salvation
On June 19 of 2009 a great thing happend. Kings of Leon (along with John Rudolph) announce the foundation of a new record label "imprint". Kings of Leon are the main respnsible for choosing the artists that will sign and produce their LPs on the label.
The very first album of the "imprint" happens to be our very first favourite of the year 2009. The Features and their album "Some kind of salvation" are really something mentionable, something that we will have to remember from the year 2009.
We have to do with a 13-songs' indie rock album full of beautiful songs. We could write tones of great words about this album. Though this is not necessary at the moment. Just listen to it!

The "not good enough"s

2009 had, also, some, either big or small, disappointments. Here we will just mention the 3 biggest disappointments of the year according to our expectations and judgment.
Placebo / Battle for the sun
By "Battle of the sun" Placebo turned to be a little more "pop", a little more "easy" a little more "smooth" and "round edged". The vocals, the production, the songs' compositions, everything was a little "too pop" compared to what we were expecting.
Athlete / Black Swan
With this album, Athlete convinced us, even more than before that they will never even get close to "Vehicles and Animals" quality and charm.
Tegan and Sara / Sainthood
Saindhood got both good and bad reviews from magazines and blogs all over the world. In our opinion what's missing from this album the extraordinary lyric spirit that Tegan and Sara expresses through their previous albums. Even after lots of hearing to the album, still, I can't figure out if this was ment to be or if it just didn't happen. What I'm sure of is that I really miss T&S's teen / emotional / girl spirit.

That's all. From trad's music wish you a nice year 2010.
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  1. Morphine Says:

    Παρα πολυ ενδιαφερον το μπλογκ σου. Το ξεκοκκαλισα. Περιμενω νεα ποστς για το 2010. Congrats!